Luxury Tour in Hiroshima

Sacred Islands Across the Sea

Revel in the unspoiled beauty of the Seto Inland Sea
from the deck of our private yacht

Miyajima By Sea

Lose yourself in the wonderous seascape that is the tranquil Seto Inland Sea and all of her islands as we cruise around Miyajima on a private luxury yacht. Marvel at the architectural beauty of the Itsukushima Shrine, discover ancient temples and shrines that lay in wait in the primordial forests, and let your cares dissolve.

Balcom is proud to offer a wide array of additional premium tour options, guides, and interpreters to give you the most complete Miyajima experience possible.


Heian Era Grace Meets Unparalleled Natural Beauty

Cross the Seto Inland Sea in our private luxury yacht and take in all that Miyajima has to offer. From walking tours of historic landmarks, temples, and shrines, including Daishō-in Temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site Itsukushima Shrine, nature and history lovers alike will delight in spending the day on this enchanting island. Contact us for more details on how our expert guides can help you make your Miyajima experience truly unique.


  • Pick up at Marina Hop
  • From Hiroshima City, we’ll take you to Miyajima Port where you’ll board our private yacht and enjoy a short cruise to Miyajima
  • Miyajima Tour:A guided tour of Miyajima including the Itsukushima Shrine, Daishō-in Temple, Mount Misen, and more. We also offer a variety of cruise options and customizable outdoor experiences to make your Miyajima tour uniquely yours.
  • After your day in Miyajima has come to end end, our chauffeur will bring you back to Marina Hop

This simple sample schedule is only the beginning; let your imagination be your guide and create your own customized plan with the help of our expert guides.

Full Day Tours

From the moment we pick you up from Marina Hop, until we drop you off again, we guarantee a completely private luxury tour experience. We provide the basic framework, but the schedule is always up to you: schedule changes can be made at any time to best suit your needs. We believe that the true joy of travel lies in small, quiet moments. Unhurried, relaxed, and unhindered, travel according to your whims and discover all that Hiroshima has to offer.
* interpreter guide will be charged option. For details, please check the link destination reservation page.



The Itsukushima Shrine is the embodiment of Heian Era traditional aesthetics, a testament through the ages of the wisdom and durability of Japanese architecture. Prized as one of the three most exquisite sights in all of Japan with its outstanding color palette of bright reds, mountain greens, and deep sapphire ocean-blues, Miyajima is living art. Full of surprises and simple pleasures, this charming island is sure to be the highlight of your journey.

Historically worshipped as sacred, Mount Misen is home to historical ruins, a myriad of temples, including the Reikado, or Hall of the Spiritual Flame, which houses a flame supposedly lit 1200 years ago when Kobo Daishi began worshipping on the mountain, all in the midst of stunning panoramic views of both the Seto Inland Sea and the ancient forests of the mountain. Avid hikers can take one of three trails, all varying in difficulty, or take the ropeway to the top and enjoy a leisurely stroll at the summit before descending back down.

Smooth Sailing

Meet our Sense 50, a revolutionary sailing yacht from the sailing experts at the world-renowned Beneteau. Designed with both safety and elegance in mind, the Sense 50 is a remarkable example of Beneteau’s passion for avant-garde boating.

ManufacturerBeneteau (France)
Capacity12 (Total Number of Crew Members: 24)
Full length50feet (15.27m)
Facilities 2 Bedrooms (Double Beds)
2 Restrooms
Kitchen (Gas Range Stove, Microwave oven, 2 Sinks, Refrigerator, Freezer)
2 TVs (Bedroom, Main Living Room)
CD Player
Outer DeckApproximately 10 seats