Luxury Tour in Hiroshima

Sacred Secrets

A pilgrimage to Miyajima’s best kept secret
An exclusive opportunity like no other

Voyage to the Sacred Seven Shrines of Nana-ura

A sacred journey to the seven shrines hidden on the shores of Miyajima: Nana-ura Meguri. Our private yacht will guide you to each of these exquisite shrines as we travel down a centuries-old path rich in history on the remote shores of the island.

Seldom seen by tourists and locals alike, this is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience and explore all of Miyajima’s natural splendor in its purest form.


Seven Shrines By The Sea

For those who truly want a cultural travel experience like no other. Join us on a private yacht as we travel to the remote shores of Miyajima and uncover the seven ancient shrines that have long stood before the sacred hush of the primordial forests. This age-old ritual pilgrimage is known as Nana-ura Meguri, and is a tradition as old as the island herself. Seldom seen by tourists and locals alike, this rare experience will certainly be the highlight of your travels.


  • Pick up at Mori-no-Yado
  • From there, you’ll board our private yacht as we cruise the placid waters around Miyajima
  • Pilgrimage to the Seven Sacred Shrines of Nana-ura:A guided tour of each of the seven shrines, retracing a centuries-old historical path. Options also include a breathtaking sunset cruise, gourmet picnic lunch, and many more.
  • After your island journey has come to end end, our chauffeur will bring you back to Miyajima Port

This simple sample schedule is only the beginning; let your imagination be your guide and create your own customized plan with the help of our expert guides.

Full Day Tours

From the moment we pick you up from Miyajima’s Mori-no-Yado Ryokan until we drop you off again, we guarantee a completely private luxury tour experience. We provide the basic framework, but the schedule is always up to you: schedule changes can be made at any time to best suit your needs. We believe that the true joy of travel lies in small, quiet moments. Unhurried, relaxed, and unhindered, travel according to your whims and discover all that Hiroshima has to offer.
* interpreter guide will be charged option. For details, please check the link destination reservation page.



Catch a rare glimpse of the far shores of Miyajima and step into an unspoiled wonderland of pristine beaches and primordial forests. Let the tranquil sound of the sea set the tone for your day-long excursion into the heart of Japanese history, religion, and aesthetics.

Make the most of your journey with our customization packages including a dazzling variety of options such as relaxing sunset cruises and other exclusive opportunities to help you take full advantage of your time on Miyajima. Our helpful guides are here to provide you with everything you need, and the schedule is always up to you.

Smooth Sailing

Meet our Sense 50, a revolutionary sailing yacht from the sailing experts at the world-renowned Beneteau. Designed with both safety and elegance in mind, the Sense 50 is a remarkable example of Beneteau’s passion for avant-garde boating.

ManufacturerBeneteau (France)
Capacity12 (Total Number of Crew Members: 24)
Full length50feet (15.27m)
Facilities 2 Bedrooms (Double Beds)
2 Restrooms
Kitchen (Gas Range Stove, Microwave oven, 2 Sinks, Refrigerator, Freezer)
2 TVs (Bedroom, Main Living Room)
CD Player
Outer DeckApproximately 10 seats